Rihanna's Costume Designer Comes Into His Own with New Show
The best way to describe Adam Selman would be simply to say that he is the epitome of cool. So it’s only fitting that his first runway collection was made for the ultimate cool girl.
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The Four Week Workout to Tank Top Worthy Arm
Our stomachs, legs, and butts, (thanks to Jen Selter) are usually top priority areas when it comes to getting in shape. But when I'm tagged in a photo on Instagram, I quite often find myself wishing for an arm-sculpting filter.
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The Fault in Our Stars Trailer Makes Us Feel All The Feelings
The trailer for 'The Fault in Our Stars', the movie based on John Green's tear-jerky YA novel, is finally out, and it's good.
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The Broad City Girls Almost Make Us Pee Our Pant
Last week I made a promise to the hilarious creators of the cover-your-eyes-with-one-hand, text-your-best-friend-to-watch-it-with-the-other-hand show, 'Broad City'.
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Why Do We Need to Defend Wendy Davis for Being a Working Mom?
On Tuesday, the daughters of Texas state senator Wendy Davis defended their mom against charges that she’s been smudging her biography
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